Bernard Tan

Celebrity Portfolio Bernard Tan “Marcus is a master with light, and darkness. In adverse conditions, the darker, the better! He can turn a picture into a piece of art. And unless you want to look like a clown with a red nose, literally, like me, passport photos shall not be recommended.”

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Celebrity Portfolio Choy “In a nutshell, working with Marcus has lots of perks, quirks and fun! I didn’t know getting wet, messy hair and screaming my heart out were catalysts to great photographic moments. When you say I love you to a photographer you just met after one shot, it pretty much says it all,

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Jade Seah

Celebrity Portfolio Jade Seah “I had a lot of fun working with Marcus and the team; there was a wonderful energy in the studio! Marcus really captured my goofball, tomboy side, and encouraged us to play around – they threw newspapers at me at one point! That you guys managed to make me look good

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